Electrical Installers

Are you an Electrical Installer,  working on projects on a regular basis and interested in offering Building Automation to your customers ?

If the answer is yes, then we can help.

Your Qualifications

You must be a qualified and experienced Electrical Installer.

No prior knowledge of Building Automation is needed.

We provide everything else.

How We Support You

  • Introductory Training – for you to understand the Automation features that you can offer your customers.
  • Full Design & Drawings
  • All Material Needed
  • Full Programming by Us – of the Automation Features
  • Support – to you during installation and Commissioning

Your Benefits

Building Automation is a growing market, that is becoming more relevent in projects today.

You benefit from;

  • New Revenue Stream.
  • Value Addition to your Current Services.
  • Attract new Customers.
  • Extra Product Offering.