Consultants & Architects

Are your customers asking for Building Automation products and solutions ?

Even if you are new to Building Automation or have specified other products in the past, talk to us and we can offer great Building Automation Solutions for your customers projects.

How the Process Works

You send us the floor plans and discuss with us the features that the client would like.

We come back to you with a quote within 48 hrs, clearly listing the features we can offer.

We can supply all items required for the Bulding Automation project and if required some additional related items to make life easy for the installation.

Each project from us comes design drawings and programming is done by us.

We support your customer with installation help and commissioning where applicable.

How We Support You

  • Full Design & Drawings
  • List of all Material Needed and supplied by us
  • Full Programming by Us – of the Automation Features
  • Support – to you during installation and Commissioning


Building Automation is a growing market, that is becoming more relevent in projects today.

You benefit from;

  • New Revenue Stream.
  • Value Addition to your Current Services.
  • Attract new Customers.
  • Extra Product Offering.

Offer your Customers;

  • House for the 21st Century
  • Energy Savings
  • Intuitive Easy to use controls